Trash Boat


I bet you wish you didn’t know there was a movie that starred John Wayne as GENGHIS KHAN? But it’s too late, I’ve poisoned you

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    I have seen this film. Many years ago. There still remains few things funnier and more ludicrous than hearing “Genghis...
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    Will our movies look this terrible in fifty years? Will our grandchildren laugh at how unsophisticated and racist we...
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    On the contrary, I am elated!
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    Not possible.
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    my grandmother thought that Temujin was an appropriate name for her harmless, poops-on-the-rug-when-overexcited Lhasa...
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    oh dear….
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    I really hope this is what the Crash Course MONGOLS ARE THE EXCEPTION footage is from.
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    I have seen this movie, and it is so apocalyptically bad that even the presence of (I think) five friends and copious...
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